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The more I have thought and read about this Facebook Discussion ( as mentioned in a previous post), the more I thought I would share it on the blog. I hope I makes sense to all who reads it.

July 24  Friend A~Well, we know that it has been proven that MMR does not cause autism. Still, fevers are often a very common side effect of these vaccines. Jamie just had these shots on the 13th and has been running a 104-105 fever for three days. It broke last night. Thank heavens for Motrin!

July 24 at 5:27pm  Friend B~ hate 2 tell ya but it hasn’t been proven that MMR doesn’t cause autism.. it just hasn’t been proven 4 sure that it does! vaccines have become all 2 common and given for things that don’t even exist in the population anymore. while I am ot one of those fear fanatics who think they are all poison. I do take care when choosing if I give my son vaccine or antibiotics every time a Dr. tells me to. truth is I know full grown adults that have been physically devastated by the MMR– now its just me. but I’d rather not just HOPE that it won’t harm my little one. I’m sure your child will be fine and I don’t intend this to be taken as gospel… but as they say- Everything with a grain of salt. right? 

July 24 at 5:44pm Friend A~ Vaccines and antibiotics are in two different boats. I agree about vaccines and avoid them like the plague. Look at what has happened in Spain. But studies strongly support that there is no link. It is most likely the timing of the offset of MMR v. symptoms of autism.

Studied this for years as many many friends have children with autism and were desperate to find a cause. Kind of like my friend whose child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She just happened to have the predisposition for it and having a childhood illness kicked it into the start position.

July 24 at 6:04pm Friend A~Jenny Bell Combs Actually, I almost forgot. One of the culprits that they strongly thought might be causing the onset of autism was mercury that was in the vaccinations which is no longer in the vaccinations. Just a grain of salt….

July 24 at 7:25pm Friend B~ taken.. no hard feelings here cuz 4 all I know we are both completely wrong. I don’t claim to know anything 4 sure when it comes to that kind of thing.. just always hope people will listen 2 both sides of the argument b4 they trust the first Dr. they see.
enjoyed the discussion.

July 24 at 7:30pm Friend A~ no worries, it is always good to hear both sides and honestly I spent a lot of time researching both sides and debunking myths. Came to find out that the Dr. who originally started this was banned in Britain. Honestly, I think too many people go to the doc asking for antibiotics not realizing what a long term negative effect they have just because they want instant relief or think it gives them that. Oh, I have lots of opinions and data to form my opinions on.) Good talking with you!!! Enjoy and be healthy! Yes, and think for yourself. Good deal.

July 24 at 8:23pm AVI~ Thanks for the spirited debate ladies. I love we are able to have a discussion about this. I want to share this quote with you from John Lantos, MD, a pediatrician and bioethicist at the University of Chicago and the Center for practical Bioethics in Kansas City, Missouri. “The bottom line is that there’s still a lot we don’t know about vaccine safety and the long-term effects of vaccines on the body’s immune system. It’s on of those topics where there is fundamental disagreement even about what counts as a fact. Wed don’t know if giving vaccine in combination with other vaccines is safe. We don’t know if the aluminum and formaldehyde found in measurable quantities in some vaccines and injected intramuscularly into our bodies has a negative health consequences. Because the studies of autism and vaccines do not include control groups of large enough numbers of completely unvaccinated children, it is disingenuous of scientists and the mainstream press to claim that he link between autism and vaccines has been disproved. When public health officials dismiss parental concern without adequately studying them, there is an erosion of public trust.”

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