Linda, Co-founder of the Vaccine Injury Solutions website is an MMR vaccine survivor! Her Christian faith, family and friends helped her through this traumatic ordeal! This experience has given her knowledge and skills she lovingly passes along to others who may be suffering from vaccines or other health conditions. She has an amazing and inspiring story of recovery and shares it on her ‘My Vaccine Story’  page on the website.  Follow her along her ‘path to healing!’

While in Utah Linda attended the LDS Business College and received an Associate degree.  Later she attended Brigham Young University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. When she returned to South Carolina she studied at South University and has almost received her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling.   

“Linda’s message is a message of hope that will spread across the nation and possibly the world!  I know her story will help prevent many years of unnecessary suffering and damaging stress to the lives of those affected by vaccinations or other illnesses. I’ve known Linda for over 20 years and watched her health decline to a level that caused me great concern for her. Seeing her recover from the harmful effects of a vaccine is nothing short of a miracle.” ~Debra Lewis, Holistic Health Coach, South Carolina.

Linda’s goal and the goal of the website is summed up in its mission statement – Through our communication, we educate and liberate those suffering from the devastating effects of vaccines and other illnesses. The website offers the opportunity to read her personal story and share yours. On our website click on the ‘Share Your Story’  page and tell us about yourself.  She would love to know how you survived a vaccine or any illness.  By sharing your story we can help others along the way.  Linda has been blessed with the ability to listen to someone’s life story or their current issues, offer suggestions and not be judgmental. Showing love and exercising faith has helped her to do that. Her concern, care, and love for others are evident in all areas of her life. She has a strong commitment to helping others who seek healing and a healthier lifestyle.   

You may contact Linda by email at [email protected]

Stephanie, Co-founder of the  Vaccine Injury Solutions website, is the inspiration behind getting this website going!  She used her savvy computer knowledge, to lay the foundation for this important work by researching, gathering information and starting our Vaccine Injury Blog.  She has an ‘eye for color,’ and excellent style when using computer graphics, either for the blog, or when creating one of her beautiful memory books or calendars. Being an avid photographer and scrap booker and she’s very passionate about capturing her twins Dyann and Carson’s every precious moment!  Oh, let’s not forget the family cat, crazy ‘Callie!’ She’s always charging through the house, bringing in little creepy crawly gifts, and stirring up trouble. She likes getting in on the action and having her picture taken too!  Stephanie’s other hobbies include traveling, extreme couponing, crafts, and her all-time favorite pastime watching USC football.  Go Gamecocks!  She even finds time to attend her MOM’S club, (Mother of Multiples).

Stephanie attended Rick’s College, now known as Brigham Young University Idaho.  She is a graduate of Utah College of Massage Therapy.  She enjoyed her own massage therapy business before deciding to become a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker, 

Being the daughter of a vaccine survivor inspired her  to research and learn lots about vaccines and good health!  After watching her mother Linda go through the devastating effects of an MMR vaccine, she decided her children wouldn’t be vaccinated.  Dylann and Carson now eleven years old haven’t been vaccinated.  They are both strong, healthy, and haven’t had any major health problem.  Stephanie recommends everyone do the research before receiving a vaccine or having their children vaccinated.  

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