Our "Bird In Flight" Represents Freedom From The Devastating Effects of Vaccines!


We are a community of vaccine survivors sharing our stories and information that has helped us through the devastating effects of vaccines or any illnesses !  We incorporate a holistic approach to healing from vaccines as we communicate, educate, and liberate ourselves and others from the effects of vaccines in our lives. Please tell us your story on our ‘Share Your Story’ page under ‘My Vaccine Story.’  We’d like to know the things that have helped you, someone in your family, or someone you know, survive the traumatic effect of vaccines.  Maybe you haven’t suffered from a vaccine or maybe you just want to become healthier and lose some weight!  We are here to help you!  We empower everyone to take their health into their own hands. Your  journey begins here!  Join us on our ‘path to healing!’

Life's Pathway

At times life’s path

seems filled with  things

that make the going rough,

And we wish there were

a smoother road,

for we feel we’ve had enough,

But if we pause a moment

and remember Who’s in charge,

The hills that loom ahead of us

no longer seem so large,

And every rock before us,

when we know we’re not alone,

Becomes not just a stumbling block

but one more steppingstone.

You’ve overcome so many things,

and every time you’ve grown

Through sheer determination

and the wisdom that you’ve shown.

So, as you face this journey,

from the moment you begin,

Know that God will guide you,

and you’ll have the strength to win!

~Emily Matthews

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