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Linda's Vaccine - An Overview

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Linda's Vaccine - The Complete Story

December 28, 1993, my vaccine story began while I was attending Kennesaw State University.  At the time I was taking classes for bachelor’s degree that I would transfer to Brigham Young University and complete my Bachelor of Science degree in psychology.  I was informed that I could no longer attend the university if I didn’t receive an MMR vaccine.  This mandate came as a result of an outbreak of meningitis in the area.

The Marietta Health Center in Cobb County Georgia was the only place I could get the vaccine.  I received the MMR vaccine after waiting for two hours in the waiting room.  While waiting, no information was given to me.  My name was called and I was instructed to go back to the nurse’s station.  I sat down and the nurse prepared my arm for the vaccine.  She had the needle ready to mation within the pamphlet.”  Also, it states; “I had a chance to ask questions that were answered to my satisfaction, and that I understand the benefits and risks of the MMR vaccine that I was requesting.”  I was not given the opportunity to read the pamphlet or the “Marietta Health Center” document.

The nurse and her assistant were rushing me to sign the document.  The nurse waited withgo into my arm when her assistant gave me the brochure “Measles, Mumps and Rubella.” She also gave me the “Marietta Health Center” document to sign. This document states; “I had been given a copy of the above pamphlet and have had explained to me the infor the needle pointed toward my arm ready to give me the vaccine.  Meanwhile, the assistant gave me the pamphlet and the “Marietta Health Center” document for me to sign.  I sign the document but did not have an opportunity to read either of them. As soon as I signed the document, the nurse gave me the vaccine.

The bottom of the “Marietta Health Center” document says, if you believe the person receiving the vaccine had a serious problem, or had died because of the vaccine, to call the health center where the immunization was given.  At this time, no one in my family or circle of friends had had a reaction. I did not know the MMR vaccine contained mercury one of the most toxic elements known to man and the mercury-based preservative, Thimerosal which has been linked to many disorders.  Some of these disorders include, but not limited to are; seizures, narcolepsy, heart disorders, asthma and neurological disorders. Instead of removing these poisonous batches from the vaccine stock pile, the CDC just moved them around on their shelves and allowed them to be recycled back into the system to save the pharmaceutical companies money!!! For more information see Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

December 31, 1993, three days after receiving the MMR vaccine I noticed symptoms such as red whelps that were swollen and itched.  The whelps were about the size of half a penny and the first breakout was on the underside of my arms! (These itchy whelps later covered my entire body.) I also had a low grade fever between 100 and 101 degrees.  I called the Marietta Health Center to report my reaction.  They told me to call my doctor even though their document said to call them. I call my doctor’s office and made an appointment.

January of 1994, I went to my doctor and he recommended Benadryl shots.  These shots relieved the itching but for only twenty-four hours. Within the next few days I began to have other symptoms such as swelling of my lymph glands in my neck, swelling of my glands under my jaw, pain and stiffness in my joints, painful swelling of my joints (arthritis), pain and numbness, or “pins and needles” feeling in my hands and feet.  I also had headaches and saw bright lights flashing when in a dark room.  My shoulders hurt and I had to hold my arms above my head to relieve the pain.  I developed insomnia, had headaches and stomach aches.  I was unable to digest food because the vaccine had practically destroyed my stomach muscles. I also developed food allergies and became lactose intolerant.  I lived on water for days and then graduated to juices.   

My son Brent, who was twelve at the time, would bring me water when he left for school and when returning home he would again bring me more water.  I could hardly get out of bed and take of myself.  Brent, at times, had to fend for himself during this devastating time.  On a couple occasions I began to lose consciousness, the room went very dark and felt like I was dying!  On March 14, 1994, I saw a dermatologist who recommended a battery of test.  No solutions were found.  On May 6,1994, more blood test were done on that day and again on August 24, 1994.  Still no solutions were found!

September 7, 1994, my doctor recommended I see a neurologist.  On September 16, 1994, I saw a neurologist who said we needed to do an MRI to see what damage had been done to my brain and if I had encephalitis. He also called the CDC regarding my vaccine and they said I had been injected with a live virus. According to the CDC, the batch from which my vaccine came from had not been neutralized and they said I would have live viruses (measles, mumps and rubella), in my system for the rest of my life!  There was no record of my allergic reaction taken!  As I explained above, that vaccine contained mercury one of the most toxic elements known to man and the mercury-based preservative, Thimerosal which has been linked to many disorders!

September 20, 1994, I had an MRI done which showed I didn’t have encephalitis but I did have nerve damage to the neurons in my brain.  This damage caused the neurons not fire properly, and therefore I developed a chemical imbalance.  I started to develop symptoms of Dyslexia and was unable to think clearly.  Later I began to have anxiety, depression and panic attacks!  The first ten years the vaccine would multiply in my stomach every week.  The left side of my intestines would hurt and bubble up.  It felt like the virus was burning from within!  

It would finally burn through to the surface of my skin and pop out in a rash that would itch, swell and fill up with pus. The rash would break out over my entire body!!  Along with this break out I had a sore throat, earache, and my glands would hurt.  I had joint pain and pain in my shoulders. My bones felt actually hurt and felt weak.   I also began to have an irregular heartbeat and a weakened immune system.  When I closed my eyes I saw bright flashing lights!  After about almost a week the virus would subside only to start the whole process all over again within seven days.  It was like it had a power all of its own!  

1995, tired of not getting any answers from the medical community or the CDC on how to stop the virus from multiplying every week in my stomach, I decided to try Alternative Medicine which began my path to healing.  I began seeing a chiropractor Dr. Max Collins, who is exceptionally talented and very intuitive!  He was wonderful in helping me get through this ordeal and I am greatly indebted to him for all he has done for me!  I also saw a nurse practioner, and later a naturopath.  Thankfully, all three of these wonderful people were using Alternative Medicine treatments. 

The nurse practitioner did a Live Blood Cell Analysis, or (LBA). This procedure is done by pricking your figure, getting a drop of blood, putting it on a slide, and looking at your cells through a microscope.  The blood sample is then projected on a screen and you are able to see what your cells look like. By looking at my cells she discovered I had a compromised immune system and mercury poisoning!  She said she could tell my stomach muscles were not functioning properly!  When she showed me my cells on the screen, I was shocked!  Instead of my cells looking normal, they looked like star-shaped meteorites!!!  Very abnormal and very scary looking! We began a detox treatment immediately!

1996, I attended We Care in Desert Hot Springs, California.  I went through a cleansing program which included; a juice diet, healthy soups, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, reflexology, and the first of my 25 colonics! All of these methods also assisted in my recovery.   

2001, I saw my naturopath here in the US who actually lived in Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, he gave me the same diagnosis as my nurse practioner with an additional warning that I had pre-cancerous cells and my white cells were not moving. Again I was able to look at my cells through the Live Blood Cell Analysis. My naturopath continued to explain that our white cells move around so they can absorb diseases, germs and foreign invaders. White blood cells are the cells of our immune system that are responsible for protecting our bodies against infections disease, germs and foreign invaders.  Our bone marrow is always producing white blood cells and storing them in our blood and lymphatic system until our bodies need them.  Since mine were not moving, that’s what attributed to my challenged immune system and pre-cancerous cells!  He also found some unknown bacteria!  These unknown bacteria probably came from the MMR virus.  He recommended I attend the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico.  Since I had these issues and the MMR virus was still multiplying in my stomach, reluctantly I agreed to go. 

January 2001 to March 2001, attended  Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico.  While there I learned about  Wheat Grass Therapy, growing and sprouting seeds, eating raw foods, blending foods and yes more colonics (25 total).   For three months and lived on raw food, mostly wheat grass juice and Energy Soup, Almond Cream and papaya.  Because of my stomach was not digesting food I was unable to digest the unblended raw foods.  I learned to grow my own sprouts and wheat grass, etc., and about the benefits of wheat grass juice.  Two weeks after being on the Living Food Diet,   I again had Live Blood Cell Analysis done by my naturopath. The results were remarkable!  My cells looked so much better and my white cells were moving again!  I began to feel better but, the vaccine continued to multiply every week. I still had multiple symptoms.  When I returned home I continued on the mostly raw food diet.  My stomach was healing and gradually began to eat cooked foods again.

2003, It’s been 10 years since I had the MMR vaccine.  The viruses finally quit multiplying in my stomach every week!  I still get the viruses but not as often!  In spite of my health issues, I completed the requirements for my bachelor’s degree and graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in psychology.  Things are gradually getting a little better and the virus was not multiplying in my stomach each week, just sporadically.

2005, I was in a very stressful marriage and I began having symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and panic attacks along with all my other symptoms!  My neurologist said because of the nerve end damage to my neurons, I developed a chemical imbalance, which caused the mental issues.   The stressful marriage contributed to my symptoms which began to accelerate and I began taking medication.

2008, I got divorced and felt I was doing better but still had the same recurring virus symptoms. The medication helped the mental issues but still no progress in stopping the virus!  It was still multiplying.  Thank goodness not as often!

2010, I was attending South University working on my master’s degree in  Professional Counseling.  My goal was to become a marriage and family therapist when I became too ill and had to discontinue school.  I only had one more quarter and I would have obtained my master’s degree. This was a sad time for me.

2014, It’s been twenty-one years since I took the MMR vaccine.  This is where my story gets really awesome!  My friend Debra Lewis, Wellness Coach, introduced me to a remarkable nutritional product.  She explained; “one thing that sets it apart from other supplements is that it’s an antioxidant activator.  It sends a signal to the DNA to make more of the enzyme, superoxide dismutase, which kills free radicals at the rate of one million per second in the body.  It makes its own enzymes and activates over 2,000 survivor genes in our DNA.  This product was created a special blend of  herbs that work together.  No other product can do what it does.  It’s considered a medical breakthrough in science.  You

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